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The Team

NPR is a partnership firm consisting of 3 partners who are Chartered Accountants. Two of the partners are Fellows of the Institute with over 20 years of experience in practice. The third is a Senior Associate of the Institute. Amongst themselves, they have over 45 years of experience in Accounting, Audits, Taxation and other specialised services. In addition to this, the firm also employs the services of a fourth Chartered Accountant, who possesses over 3 years of experience.

The team at NPR is headed by the senior partners who control the day-to-day operations, ably assisted by the firm’s Chartered Accountant and a Junior Partner. Managers work below the Partners and head a team of 3-4 people in each segment of the firm.

NPR’s underlying philosophy, key driving factors and core strengths:

  • Providing a very high level of service and value to its clients

    For over 20 years, NPR’s clients have come to value the firm’s deep commitment towards providing a personalised level of service and an easy access to its staff of professionals, particularly its partners. This is a strength that the firm prides itself on and a service that all its associates, patrons and clients have come to appreciate, value and expect.

  • Partners and professionals of the firm recognised as thought leaders

    NPR’s many core competencies have helped the firm work with a wide variety of clients, providing them with a varied range of services. This has led to the development of an invaluable pool of in house expertise and talent. NPR’s partners and professionals are experts in their fields and are also recognised thought leaders in emerging areas of challenge and opportunities in the changing global environment.

  • An innovative and unique approach to client needs in changing environments

    NPR places a high level of importance and value on continuously approaching client needs with innovative services and solutions to enhance their performance, while also ensuring a quantifiable return on investment.

    The firm is responsive to swiftly changing business scenarios, which is reflected in its focus and expertise on cross border transactions and in a large multi-national and new knowledge based industry clientele.

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